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This book is for anyone contemplating on becoming a translator, or for existing translators that need a concise crash course on their profession.

It explores the realm of translation, the benefits and working conditions, the types of translation work and tools available. It gets down to details regarding the tools a translator uses every day, providing information not only from the translator’s perspective but also from the viewpoint of the translation engineer and translation project manager. It provides a hands-on approach to CAT (Computer-Assisted
Translation) Tools, on how you can take advantage of them regardless of your CAT Tool of choice.

You’ll also learn how to successfully run your freelance translation business. You’ll be presented with “inside” information on how clients (especially translation agencies) choose their translators. You’ll learn how to set up profiting rates and how to find promising clients. You’ll be given ideas for efficient organization of your work process and tips for successful customer relationship management. And, you’ll be shown how to stay away from fraudulent companies too.

Table Of Contents

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About The Author

Part 1: So, You Want To Be A Translator…

Why Become A Translator

Freelance Working Conditions
Translating Part-Time
You’re The Boss
Money, Money, Money!

Do I Need Any Special Skills Or Experience?

Types Of Translation Work

General Translations
Technical Translations
Medical Translations
Software, Game & Mobile App Localization
Subtitle & Voice-Over Translation

In-House Translation Jobs vs. Freelancing

A Financially Safe Environment
Experience Build-Up
Free & Continuous Training
Business & Social Networking
Having It Both Ways

Software Tools Of The Trade

Do I Need Them?
Basic Tools
Specialized Tools

Part 2: Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools: A Crash Course

So, What’s A CAT Tool?

A Short Introduction
User Interface Overview
CAT Tools Panorama!

Translation Memories (TMs)

What’s a Translation memory?
TM Match Categories

Word Counts, The Trados Discount Model & Weighted Words

The Trados Discount Model
Weighted Words

Terminology Databases (TermBases)

Handoff & Delivery Packages

Handoff Packages
Delivery Packages

A Typical Translation Project Workflow

Client Handoff
Proofreading & Spell-Checking
Verification Checks
Delivery / Handback

Machine Translation (MT)

Avoiding CAT Tool Lock-In

Freeing Past & Existing Translations
Keeping Your Future Work Cross-Platform

CAT Tools On A Mac Or GNU/Linux

Native CAT Tools
Virtualized CAT Tools

Part 3: Running A Freelance Translation Business

Defining Your Core Language Pairs

Setting Up Your Pricelist

Rates For Translation Agencies
Rates For Direct (Non-Agency) Customers
Minimum Charge
Indicative Word Rate & Minimum Charge Ranges

Choosing Your CAT Tool

Marketing Your Business (Or How To Find Clients)

Creating Or Spicing Up Your Resume/CV
Membership-based Translators’ Websites
Social Networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
Online Business Directories
Your Personal Website
Pro Bono Service

Organizing Your Work

Project Dashboard
Tree Folder Structure
A Word About Purchase Orders & Invoices
Backups! Backups! Backups!

Client Relationship Quick Tips

Avoiding Fraudulent Clients

Appendix 1: Translation Industry Glossary

Appendix 2: ISO Language Codes

Appendix 3: List of Translation Companies

About The Author

I’m an American expat (born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts) residing the last two or so decades in Athens, Greece. My professional career revolves around the Translation & Localization Industry for more than 17 years. I started out as a young inexperienced translator and, after years of hard work and persistence, ended up with my last in-house position being that of Translation & Software Localization Director.

Translation and software localization are my core specialties, having translated or project managed numerous projects for Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, Adobe, Symantec, GE Energy, Caterpillar, Toshiba, LaCie, Canon, Sony, Nokia, Bosch, Siemens, just to mention a few.

Lately, I’m freelancing and providing translation & localization consulting to companies within the industry (i.e., translation agencies), and to corporations in need of internal or external translation/localization services (i.e., international firms with overseas branch offices, software companies and so on).

I’m also actively involved in helping out translators/localizers, especially with their translation software tools and daily business operation. A considerable effort in this area is pro bono. Seeing a lack of an online solution to such issues, I’ve set up a website to deal with them:

Petro Dudi

July 29th, 2015

Argyroupoli, Attika, Greece